About Us

SITREP n. [sit·rep]

A situational report, often used by military personnel; a clear analysis of where you stand and goal-oriented objectives.

We are SitRep. We are work-hard, play-hard, don’t-take-yourself-too-seriously digital marketing and Salesforce implementation experts. Our style is calculating, cool, efficient; our motto is “Do right by the client.” We are founded by veterans, so we take great pride in our country and our work. Simply put, we love what we do.

Leadership Team

Jason Bithos

Jason Bithos
Co-founder, CEO

  • Army veteran
  • Purdue Alumnus
  • Has memorized most of The Big Lebowski
  • Video gamer
  • Enjoys a good saunter
  • 80/20 rule is his compass
Brandon Landes

Brandon Landes

  • Army veteran
  • Proud Dad and family man
  • Undefeated tee-ball coach
  • Indiana University Alumnus
  • Bourbon connoisseur
  • Entrepreneurial problem-solver

They say the best things in life are free. We won't argue with that.

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