Service / Sales Cloud

A two-pronged strategy.

Sales Cloud

Managing your sales pipeline is a breeze using Salesforce’s Sales Cloud platform. Use the power of AI, Predictive Intelligence and machine learning to capture data with Salesforce Einstein to provide an in-depth view of your customers and prospects to ensure your team is making the most of every interaction.

  • See sales activity history for individual customers in seconds.
  • Manage accounts and create hierarchies to put all relevant data in the same location.
  • Tie follow up tasks and associated events directly to accounts and opportunities.
  • Think mobile-first with Salesforce’s native app that allows your team to keep its finger on the pulse wherever they are.
  • Follow your customers’ experiences from the first interaction all the way through the sales cycle.
  • Use Salesforce’s billing capabilities to send invoices and receive payments.
  • Manage your subscriptions.


Service Cloud

Making customers happy with great service is the cornerstone of any successful business. Keep your customers in the loop so there’s never any question about the top-notch support you provide with Service Cloud.

  • Quickly open, evaluate, prioritize, and resolve cases.
  • Create timely communications for customers using social media, direct messaging, email, and other touchpoints.
  • Automate personalized responses and updates for customers using AI and chatbot tools.
  • Resolve open cases in record time on your mobile device.
  • Use Service Cloud together with Marketing Cloud to build a cohesive customer experience.

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